Exercising When Sick

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If you follow me on twitter or instagram you know I have become a huge consumer of soup over the last few weeks, aka I have been pretty darn sick lately.  It started of as a normal cold with a runny nose, and slowly but surely developed into something wrong with my lungs, which the doctor later confirmed to be bronchitis.  Luckily this version of bronchitis is no where near as horrible as the bronchitis I had freshman year in college.  I was sick for a good 2+ months then.  Luckily I just have to take a few days of antibiotics and hopefully I’ll be better real soon!

Since it is flu and cold weather lately, I figured I would give some tips of when to work out and when not to work out!  Because there certainly is some circumstances when you should absolutely not work out in!

  1.  When you have a common cold/runny- it is relatively fine normally to workout if you have a runny nose.  I normally find it helps me get better quicker.
  2. When you have a fever- You should absolutely never workout if you have a fever.  If your body is already hot and struggling to cool itself down workout could make it significantly worse and even life threatening!
  3. Any cold in your lungs, such as bronchitis like I have, you should definitely not workout.  It could make the illness way worse than it already is and make it last twice as long!

A rule of thumb to follow when you’re considering to workout or not while sick: If it is neck and above you can workout and if it is below the neck/ in the chest/ a fever you should definitely not workout.

On that note, since my bronchitis is in my lungs I am unable to workout at all.  Not that I would be able to because the fatigue along with this illness is enough to leave me in bed all day.  Plus, it’s better to just let your body fight of this illness rather than get in the way and make it worse.


Hope this was helpful and I hope you guys are staying healthy!

Do you workout when you’re sick?


  1. Lovemesomediamonds

    January 9, 2015 at 2:24 pm

    I definitively agree. When I’m sick I just go for a short walk so I don’t stay in bed all day.:)