Elliptical Tempo Workout

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Hello all and happy Friday! I have “spring” break this week so I don’t have to sit through hours of classes today! (Let’s just not mention the whole book I have to read this week.)  It’s mildly comical that it’s “spring” break when it’s not even march yet, and still below 15 degrees.  But hey, I’ll take a little relaxation time.
 Today I bring you a tempo on the elliptical. You will hear me use the word tempo a lot  with running workouts as well.  A tempo is simply done at a pace that is 20-30 seconds a mile slower than race pace (can vary depending on various factors.) In this case you would warm up for 10 minutes, the next 10 minutes you will go at a pace you can keep at consistently for 10 minutes that is pushing it a bit.  The key to this is trying to keep a consistent pace throughout the entire 10 minutes.  Then, you will cool down with a nice easy 10 minutes.

This really helps with endurance and getting stronger and being able to go at a higher intensity!
Have fun and have a great weekend!What is your favorite machine at the gym?