EGGS: Are they bad for you?

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Many people tend to be afraid of eggs.  After all, they have gotten a very bad reputation in the past about.  But no fear! Eat those eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner and enjoy them!
I found this article from Runners World a while back.  It lists all the reasons eggs are great for runners.    
Here is the link to the article:
To back that up I also found this article about overcoming the myth on egg yolks.  Egg yolks are often the “evil” part of the egg that people try to avoid because of the ideology that the yolk is horrible for you.  This article says otherwise!  
Obviously, if your doctor says to avoid eggs for your health that is a different story.  However, from the research I have done and what I have learned in school the bad reputation eggs get is unnecessary.  So go out there and eat some delightful eggs this morning and have a great day!