Easter Week

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What a week it has been! Pretty Hectic to say the least. Not really sure why, but I managed to have both jobs everyday so far. But that’s alright, gotta make that money to move somewhere warm, right?!
Any who, here is my week since mid last week!
Donate plateletts
I tried donating platelets. However, it turns out my veins are just to small and the red blood cells wouldn’t go back into my body. I was pretty bummed about it, but there’s nothing I can do about it.
I went with my family on Good Friday, to a market to get a bunch of Easter goodies. My absolute favorite thing to get are these ricotta cookies. They are heavenly! And even better after working a full day!
Easter Basket
This was our easter basket. So many delicious foods in there!
I had to work early Easter so I didn’t start my day for a little later than usual. None the less, I found my Easter basket once I got home. Lots of delicious chocolate peanut butters, my favorite!
I dressed up a bit for Easter, although I couldn’t wear the sun dress I wanted to since it was billboarding outside. Yep tons of snow in early April. Just the Usual around here. Ha! Hopefully it will get a bit warmer soon! It’s just too cold for me! Anyway, I decided to try out some lipsticks to wear. I decided on Milani’s Sangria color. Loved it!

How was your Easter?