Day Trip to Salzburg Austria

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And on to my final destination of my month long trip around Europe, Salzburg Austria! My hostel was right near the train station in Munich so I was easily able to hope right on the train. A quick 1hr train ride, Salzburg is the perfect day trip from Munich.Day Trip Salzburg Austria- Europe TravelAfter about a mile walk to the center of town, I arrived at my first destination of the day Mozart’s house!  Salzburg is most popularly known for being where Mozart was born, so all the gift shops are packed with Mozart themed goodies.

Day Trip Salzburg Austria- Europe TravelAfter seeing that and the cute tiny alley ways filled with shops I set off on a hike as I was told there was a great view over looking the town that I had to see.  The hike started off going towards Hohensalzburg Castle and then following the roads behind it that lead to the Modern Art Museum.

Day Trip Salzburg Austria- Europe TravelThese pictures barely do it any justice as it was a stunning view with cloudy skies over the mountains in the background.  As I was up there it started raining, luckily this time I was prepared!

Day Trip Salzburg Austria- Europe Travel

Day Trip Salzburg Austria- Europe TravelDay Trip Salzburg Austria- Europe TravelI was pretty much soaked from the rain, so I figured it was time for some delicious food to warm me up! For lunch I found this little market area selling tons of foods.  I went for the bratwurst and sauerkraut. It was simple and delicious!

Day Trip Salzburg Austria- Europe TravelI realized in Europe they really love their pastries and sweets. My ultimate weakness as I have a major sweet tooth.  Needless to say, I couldn’t resist this homemade apple strudel.

Day Trip Salzburg Austria- Europe Travel

Day Trip Salzburg Austria- Europe TravelQuick stop at Mirabellgarten before I had to catch my train back to Munich!

I had such an incredible time in Europe and definitely was sad to leave.  I saw so many amazing site and met so many amazing people from around the world.  It was truly an incredible experience.  I hope to be back real soon!  I found out about so many wonderful place from people I met along the way, my list keeps getting longer and longer of places I want to visit now!

Now to the big question where to travel to next?!  I’m planning a trip as we speak, and will let you know real soon! (Hint: my Instagram stories tell all-check it out)

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