Click Active Protein Review

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Hello all and happy Friday! I hope you have all had a wonderful week! Today I am going to talk protein! I post about my post workout protein a lot so I figured I would share with you another one that I am loving lately. As of a couple months ago I started adding protein drinks into my daily morning routine. I am not a vegetarian but I normally stray away from meat for breakfast/lunch and sometimes dinner simply because the texture bothers me sometimes. I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere near the amount I needed for being so active. So I added more in and worked on finding other protein sources to consume throughout the day. It’s crazy how much of a difference it has made. I never have that feeling anymore that I’m just so incredibly hungry, and combined with the weight lifting and running I’ve been doing I have gotten leaner.

Click Active protein review and giveaway

Click Active

One of my most recent protein finds is Click Active.  Not only is it protein, but it adds in one of favorite ingredients to it, coffee!  Waking up before the sun is out to do my workouts normally requires coffee during the day.  Click Active adds it to your protein so you can get that post workout energy boost you need to get through the morning.   And it tastes amazing and is super creamy as well!  Since adding more protein into my diet I have also noticed fatigue and recovery have decreased immensely. I have enough energy to go full force for those tough workouts early in the morning.

Click Active protein review and giveaway


Have a wonderful weekend!