Cindo De Mayo

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If you couldn’t tell by now, i’m a huge fan of food influenced by mexican flavors. I jump on any opportunities to make and eat it! Cinco de Mayo last week was no exception.

MargaritaHowever, somehow I got put on margarita duty.  Clearly no one gets that I am horrible at making drinks. None the less, I wasn’t too impressed with the margaritas, possibly because I don’t love tequila all that much.  I’ll just have to try one when I go to a restaurant somewhere and see what they’re supposed to taste like!

Cinco De mayoMy brother ended up making these taco stuffed zucchini which were the best! I’m not sure where he got the recipe but they were delicious! Lot’s of fresh flavors! And of course what’s mexican without guacamole and chips!


You guys! It was warm enough to sit outside and soak up a bit of sun before it gets colder/goes back to regular May Temps- aka 50-60 degrees this coming week.  So I definitely enjoyed it as much as I could while I wasn’t at work!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Have any fun plans for this coming weekend?