Christmas Tree Shopping!

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This year there are less days between thanksgiving and christmas.  Which not only means that there is less time to christmas shop but also buy a christmas tree.  I have to say, December came very quick!  Friday we set out to pick out our christmas tree.  We have always went to a christmas tree farm to cut down our own, so I was slightly saddened to hear we were just going to the christmas tree nursery to pick a pre-cut one out.  However, I am still very happy that it was a real tree.  As you may know my absolute favorite scent during the colder months is pine tree and it currently smells amazing in my house!  
 I had to share half my seat with the tree.  It smelled SO good!
For some reason the christmas tree nursery had crates of apples. Can we just talk about how large this apple is! I may have a large head, so maybe this picture doesn’t do it justice.  It was probably the size of 3 normal sized apples combined. Just wow!
Question: Do you prefer a real christmas tree or a fake tree?