China Part 3: Beijing

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I’ve been putting of writing this post, primarily because I really don’t want to believe I am not in China anymore.  I had such an amazing time there.  But, everything must come to an end eventually.  So here it is, my last post about China.  Well, until my next trip to China that is. 
I love Pandas! So,  was really excited to see them at the Beijing Zoo.  However, I was a little disappointed with the exhibit.
Tiananmen Square
Forbidden City
The attention to detail was absolutely insane! SO impressive!
The Temple of Heaven.
We saw an acrobatic show!
The part of the Great Wall we climbed…(raced) up.  So basically, our teacher had told us that he had climbed the section  we were climbing in 20 minutes the previous year (he has been doing this for upwards of 15 years I believe).  So a few of us decided to try to beat his time.  Sadly we missed it by a minute, but we had a ton of fun attempting to do it.  I will never understand how I can run upwards of 15 miles and get so tired climbing stairs.  Clearly there is no correlation between running fitness and stair walking fitness.  Needless to say, I was exhausted when we got to the top.  I also sneezed about 50 times,  (that’s not even an exaggeration) and had a wicked cough afterwords.  But it was all worth the view. 
This picture does not do this justice at all.  It was absolutely breathtaking! When we first got up to the top the smog was barely there which made it even more of a sight to see!
We enjoyed the walk down and took plenty of pictures! However, somehow the walk down needed up being more difficult than the walk up.  Our legs were shaking so much.  This weird phenomenon was happening to everyone walking down the stairs, not just us.  How strange!
We also went to the Olympic water cube.  Pretty cool to see!

This trip was the absolute most amazing experience of my life so far.  I really can not wait to go back one day and see all the technological and industrial innovation that will take place between now and then!
Until next time China.