Chicago Shakeout

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On saturday I woke at a pretty early (central) time since I was still on east coast time.  So I sat around for a while, read my book while I waited for the sun to rise so I could do my shakeout run. I was super excited to go and explore the city a bit! Luckily our hotel was only about a mile away from the start line  so I was able to run to Grant Park to see where I needed to go on Sunday.  Our hotel was in the financial district, so it was in  a pretty quiet part of town for a Saturday morning.
Chicago marathon weekend Such a nice sunrise shot of some beautiful buildings along Michigan Ave.

Chicago marathon weekend sunrise Another beautiful sunrise shot.

Chicago marathon weekend The start line of the Chicago Marathon!!

Chicago marathon weekend I finally found the bean! (Cloud Gate) I ran in circles for a little while attempting to find this, but I finally came across it!  What a fun exploratory shakeout run!

Tomorrow i’ll fill you in on a few tourists things I did before the race!