CEP Recovery Compression Sock Review

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I love putting compression socks on after real hard workouts and runs!  They make me legs feel amazing the next day!
Benefits of compression socks?
1. Decrease muscle soreness
2. Reduced muscle vibration during activity
3. Increased Circulation
4.  Increase rate of recovery
Disclaimer: Although I was provided with this product from BrightLifeGo the opinions in this post are 100% percent my own.
 My order came with a pack of seeds for flowers.  How cute and very SPRING! (yes it’s just about warm enough here to plant them!)
 BrightLifeGo was kind enough to send me a pair of CEP recovery compression socks to try out!
Great durability.
 Heat and moisture management. 
 Nice cushiony bottoms.
I love these compression socks! They feel very durable and able to with stand all my torture I will put them through! The cushioning on the bottom is very soft and feels like a regular thick sock.  The compression is perfect for me. (P.s. It is very important you follow the right sizing information on their website so you get the perfect fit.)   These socks are meant for recovery, so I will throw them on after my runs.  So far they feel great!  I’m sure you could run in them as well if you wanted to.   
Remember, recovery is just as important as the workout. So, eat right, hydrate, stretch and then throw on your compression socks.  This will help make you feel even better the next day to get the most out of your workout and progressively improve your workouts!
BrightLifeGo sells various sorts of compression athletic socks and sleeves.  They even have fashionable every day ones. Which I may be eyeing down, because why should compression be limited to athletic wear.  Girls gotta look fashionable and be able to recover from my runs. 🙂
Go check out their HUGE selection of all different types and brands of compressions socks they sell on their website here: 
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