8 Travel Essentials to Bring in Your Carry On

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If you missed my New Years blog post, I told you I’m going to Europe! Yay! Legitimately so excited for this! Between having a month off during the summer and finding a great flight deal, and the money already saved up, I figured why not! There are so many things I’m excited to see and do this trip, but I’ll fill you in a bit later.  But if you have any suggestions what to see or do let me know!  Here are some carry on items I have learned to have near by over the years of traveling from state to state in the USA and during my travels to China.


  1. Ear buds– I forgot my earbuds on my flight home during Thanksgiving.  Seriously, I normally always have earbuds on me, no idea how I managed to forget them.   Not a big deal when you’re on a short flight.  But a 5 hour flight gets a tad bit boring when you were going to watch some movies.  Definitely do not want to forget my ear buds on my long flight to and from Europe!
  2. Snacks- Long flights mean a lot of snacks for me.  If you have been reading this blog for a while I have mentioned a bunch of times how much of a snacker I am.  Why not pack a bunch of healthy snacks to get you through the long haul, instead of eating the chips and other unhealthy snackage they often offer on planes.  My go to snacks: Nuts (cashews & almonds), Dark Chocolate seas salt Kind bars, Buddha Bowl Popcorn, raisins,  & Krave jerky (Basil Citrus Turkey Jerky is my favorite)
  3. A book- Seriously you can get so much read on a long flight. So as long as that baby behind you isn’t crying, flights are a great time to get lost in that book you’ve been wanting to read. Or by poor luck that your tv isn’t working, you will always have a back up option.Traveling the world
  4. Empty Water Bottle– I seriously drink so much water on a daily basis and yet every time I go to the airport I never have a water bottle with me.  You won’t be able to get through security with a full water bottle but there are always plenty of water fountains on the other end. Also a great way to save a little extra cash.
  5. Compression socks– Okay now the runner in me really gets to come out.  Since I wear compressions socks often to help with circulation and such not only when I run but when I am just hanging out around the house. Technically you should be wearing these on your flight and not in your carry on, but never the less.  Sitting in the tiny airline seat with not much room to move around  has the potential to create  blood clots. Those at a higher risk for deep vein thrombosis, it is particularly important to wear them and get up and move around often.
  6. An extra sweatshirt-  Even if it is summer air planes always tend to be extraordinarily cold to me, I always pack a bunch of extra layers.
  7. Chargers-A lot of longer flights have outlets/USB ports so you can charge all your electronics.  Yay 2017!
  8. Hygiene products- Flights always have me feeling gross, even if I showered right before the flight.  Toothbrush & paste, face & body wipes and deodorant. Tissues are also a great idea to bring along because I always tend to have a. runny nose when I don’t have any tissues around.


What are you travel must haves?

What are your favorite snacks to take on an air plane?



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Travel Essentials- Long haul Flights