Canals of Venice Italy

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A couple days before I left for my trip to Europe I decided to add Venice to my list of places I was going. I only had time to visit one extra spot and the debate between Cinque Terre Cinque Terre will have to be my next trip!  Have any of you been? I’ll take all your suggestions.

Canals of Venice ItalyI departed the Florence train station bright and early, and was on my way.  A quick 2 hour train ride (or nap, since I can’t manage to stay awake on trains Ha!) I walked out of the train station to the above photo, the Grand Canal.
Canals of Venice ItalyI wandered the streets with no direction of where I was going to go which is how I always find the best spots to see!  These  pictures are rather empty comparative to the tourist spots, which were pretty crowded since the streets are so tiny.
Canals of Venice Italy
Canals of Venice ItalyAh, the food, my favorite part of every city!  Seriously, I was in heaven in Italy, I ate so much delicious food and fresh pasta.  Venice was my last stop in Italy. I was determined to find risotto and polenta, which are more common up north so I knew I was bound to find them somewhere.  While walking around,stumbled upon this little tiny restaurant and they ended up having both! Above are meatballs and polenta, which was absolutely delicious!
Canals of Venice ItalyAnd then there was this seafood risotto which was mind blowing! The depth of flavor in this dish was truly  incredible. I was nervous the risotto would be overpowered by a seafood flavor but it blended nicely together.  A beautiful balance of flavors in this very comforting dish.   Sadly I din’t write the name of the restaurant down to share with you all, sorry!
Canals of Venice ItalyAfter lunch, I continued walking around the streets of Venice and taking in all the beauty that there is there.
Canals of Venice Italy

After hours of walking around, I was finally on my way back to Florence.

Where else in Italy should I visit next time I go?

Where do you think I went after Venice?