Buffalo Proper Dinner

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My family and I went out to dinner Sunday for my brother’s birthday and father’s day. We went to Buffalo Proper, as per my brother’s suggestion.  It’s a family style meal, so you get a bunch of small and large plates to share.  The indecisive person in me loves this type of meal, that way I can try a bunch of things!
Buffalo ProperMy drink, the Mr. Mule.  Which consisted of vodka, strawberry basil shrub, ginger beer,  and fresh basil.  It was so good and super refreshing!
Buffalo Proper Bread Hive sourdough EPI bread.
Buffalo Proper Roasted cauliflower with a spicy yuzu and cilantro yogurt, vanilla tahini and Gomasio.
Buffalo Proper Roasted T meadow pork with pearled barley, house kraut, CBW Alger juice, and candied beer malt.
Buffalo Proper Roasted oles Farm 1/2 chicken with tomato concasse, spatzle, asparagus, and kefir.

Everything was beyond amazing, such a great depth of flavor.

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?