Blogfest Day 2

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I was so darn excited to get to blogfest day 2, ready to learn and talk to all the awesome people I met yesterday!

Siggis yogurt- health food

The day started out with a breakfast by Silk.  Somehow I managed to not take any pictures of this breakfast. But it consisted of eggs potatoes, delicious smoothies and the incredible dairy free yogurt they make.  It was amazing.  Tasted exactly like normal dairy yogurt!

Jenna Wolfe. Blogfest keynote speaker ideaworldWe started out the day with an incredible speech by Jenna Wolfe.  She was hilarious but also extremely motivational.  Here are a few quotes I got from her talk to us.

“Safety never challenged anyone.Push yourself out of your comfort zone and do something that terrifies you.”

“Take the parenthesis off your goals”

“There are two times in life: Now and too late. Choose now!”

“This is the show, not the dress rehearsal, you’re in it!”

Those were just tiny pieces of her speech, so you can probably just imagine the motivation and inspiration in the entirety of the speech she gave.

Blogfest- sweatpink, ideaworldWe then attended a content marketing lecture which provided a lot of useful information as well. I hate to admit but I had no idea how big of a thing Facebook live is until that lecture! Embarrassing I know! We then headed down to do a workout with Gunnar peterson, which was sponsored by propel.  We did a lot of strength moves with the workout bands.  Boy oh boy the next day I was so sore! Such a fantastic workout though and reminded me there’s always things I can work on and  improve no matter how good of running shape I am in.

Blogfest- sweatpink, ideaworld- FitnessAfter that workout, I was so hungry! Luckily kelloggs/morningstar farms hosted this lunch and provided us with so many delicious products to try! We have a veggie burger (my favorite) and vegetarian stir fry chicken and beef with veggies.  Perfect way to refuel after a difficult workout.

We then headed back up to the room and participated in blog peer review.  Other bloggers shared what they think looks good and what could use some changing.  It’s always nice for some fresh eyes to see the blog.

Sweatpink Blogfest idea world health and fitnessShout out to all the awesome companies who provided us with this awesome swag bag of goodies!

What your favorite food to enjoy post workout?

What is exciting plans do you have for the weekend?



  1. Mandie

    July 22, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    I loved Jenna Wolfe’s talk! So glad you shared some quotes from it to remind me and inspire me all over again!

    • Amanda Lizz

      July 23, 2016 at 12:39 am

      Absolutely! Not a problem 🙂