My Best Picks From Expo West

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If you follow my twitter or instagram you know I went to expo west last weekend.  And if you don’t know, expo west is a natural products expo.  There they feature natural, organic and healthy products.  The expo was held at the Anaheim Convention Center along with both the Marriott and the Hilton.  I started the day off waking up at 5am, got ready and I was out the door! It’s about an hour drive from LA to Anaheim and I didn’t want to hit any traffic on the way there. I picked up my press badge and walked around to get the lay of the land a bit and see where everything was located.  When I got to the area around 7am there were already a bunch of people there for yoga sponsored by Kashi. 

Kashi Yoga Expo West Natural products

I wandered around the outdoor exhibits and tried a few of their samples.

Expo West Natural Products Chobani-top picks expo westAt this point I was starving since I didn’t eat breakfast before I got there. I started off at the Chobani truck and got myself this yogurt drink (which was delicious by the way) and looked over the map and strategize my route. Seriously, great idea to have even a vague game plan so you know where you are going.

Anaheim Convention Center- Expo West Natural Products-top picks expo west

I hung out in the press room for a bit and had some coffee before the expo rooms opened.  I started out in the Hilton and then went to the Marriott rooms since Saturday was the last day for those and I didn’t know if I would have to come back the following day.

There were so so many great products out there!  I may have started off a bit too aggressive trying samples of everyone’s products because by the time 6pm came along I didn’t want to try another bite. At the end I tried to take, “take home” pre packaged samples instead of trying their products as I was getting very full.  So there definitely was a bunch of companies products that I haven’t even tried yet.  I’ll be posting the ones I like on my Instagram stories though once I try them so come on over and follow me!  Here are my top picks in no particular order!

Top Picks from Expo West:

  1. Dreaming Cow-Yogurt Drink.  Will be coming out very soon! One drink includes one serving of veggies too, how awesome is that!
  2. Dr. McDougall’s Right FoodsRamen.  Really good and tastes fresh!
  3. Eat Your Coffee – A whole cup of coffee in one bar?! How great is that.  Perfect for my post morning workout.  I can fuel up post run along with get in my caffeine!
  4. Kite Hill I have seen numerous other bloggers post about this brand I have been dying to try them.  I ended up trying the ricotta and cream cheeses, which are made with almond milk. I am a huge regular cheese fan, and if you can’t have dairy these are the perfect alternative!
  5. Leaf Cuisine– Like I said I am a huge cheese fun, and these vegan ones are no different.  Leaf Cuisine uses cashews instead of milk in it’s  cheese spreads and they are oh so delicious!
  6. Elmhurst Milked– The cashew milk is creamy and delicious, even to drink on its own. And it turns out this company is from Buffalo! Shout out to the home town. 🙂
  7. Sambazon– Acai Bites- A delicious sweet treat dipped in chocolate.  The perfect snack to cut the sweet tooth!
  8. Temple Turmeric  I have heard so much about turmeric lately and have been wanting to try it.  So I tried a whole bunch of the drinks and shots here and they were superb!
  9. Revive Kombucha–  There was a whole lot of kombucha tasting I did Saturday and they were all super delicious.  One that stood out was revive’s coffee kombucha.  Combining two of my favorite things and you know its going to be good!
  10. Le Grand Soup– I tried a couple of their soups and they were stellar! Packed with a ton of delicious flavors and without all the junk some soups contain.
  11. Sunniva– The super coffee is amazing.  Jam packed with caffeine with a hint of coconut oil to keep you satisfied and energized throughout the day.  I tried the Dark Mocha which was insanely delicious!
  12. Vana– Green chickpea bowls.  Not gonna lie I tried ever flavor they have and they are all amazing.  These are perfect for a quick weekday meal. Simply pop them in the microwave and you’re good to go!  And the pouch you heat the chickpeas up in is bpa free, so there are no chemicals from the plastic to leak into your foods.  How awesome is that!


On top of the fact that these are amazingly delicious products, all these companies were extremely nice and you could tell how passionate they were about their products!



Have you found any new products lately?

What new products should I try?