Back in Buffalo

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Oh boy oh boy! Not only did I get to go home for Thanksgiving but I was lucky enough to be able to go home for Christmas as well!  My excitement levels were through the roof that I could spend more time with my friends and family.  I started off the trip with a couple of weather related flight delays due to the extremely icy conditions on the east coast.  It’s actually quite entertaining to people watch in the airport so at least I was entertained for those couple hours I was stuck there.  For some reason the landing is the worst part of the trip for me.  Before we left the pilot made a joke (was it?) about how the landing would be “interesting” because the icy conditions.  Just the words to calm me down. Ha! Safe to say we landed perfectly fine and didn’t skid off the runway like I imagined in my head.
Niagara Falls Canada- Horseshoe fallsMe and my parents went to the outlet mall for a little Christmas shopping and decided to take a short drive to Niagara Falls.  I really should have worn ice skates as it was completely covered in ice from all the mist blowing around from the falls.  As much as I hated the cold and snow when I lived in Buffalo (it gets pretty old after some years with 7 months of it) I was happy to see it while I was in Buffalo.  It was a great change of pace compared to all the sunny weather we have in Los Angeles.   Niagara Falls Canada- Horseshoe falls

Niagara Falls Canada- Horseshoe falls

Buffalo Bills NFL Football gameI of course had to go to a Bills game while I was home.  It was actually pretty “warm” that day and was about 40 degrees.   I have horrible circulation and wore 5 pairs of socks and my feet weren’t ice cubes until the very end. Success!  Needless to say the Bills are officially out of playoff contention.  We’ll get them next year!
Canalside buffalo NY Curling and ice skatingCanalside Buffalo!
Canalside buffalo NY Curling and ice skatingCurling is one of my favorite sports to watch in the Winter Olympics.  There’s something addicting about curling  where I just can’t stop watching.   I have been wanting to learn to curl since they first started having “learn to curl” lessons in Buffalo 3 years ago.  I finally got the opportunity to do so while I was home!  I almost thought  it wasn’t going to happen because we had a randomly warm 55 degree the day after Christmas (completely my luck).  That left the ice soft for a couple days making it not possible to curl.  But finally, my last night in Buffalo we were able to do it and I finally got to check that off my bucket list! It was so much fun and I had an absolute blast with my friends.
Canalside buffalo NY Curling and ice skating
Canalside buffalo NY Curling and ice skating

Action shot! Somehow I never fell once that night.  Quite shocking for someone as clumsy as myself.

Eventually it was time to head back to Los Angeles.  I’m sad to leave my family and friends back in Buffalo, but I”l be back soon enough I’m sure!

How was your Holiday season?

Did you do anything exciting?