August Playlist

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Working out is always more enjoyable when you’re listening to music, and it certainly makes it go by a lot quicker! I listen to all sorts of different types of music. If I enjoy a song i’ll listen to it, no matter what anyone else says. For my workouts I prefer a song that has a quicker beat to it.

Here are some of my current favorite tunes to workout to!

1. Problem- Ariana Grande
2. Eighteen Cool- Hoodie Allen
3. Feel the love- Hoodie Allen
4. Mmm Yeah- Austin Mahone
5. Happy- Pharrell
6. Classic- MKTO
7. Counting Stars- One Republic
8. Dark Horse- Katy Perry

Hope you guys enjoy!

1 Comment

  1. Ashley

    August 22, 2014 at 10:09 pm

    Great list! One Republic is on my playlist too. 🙂