Almond Breeze: Vanilla Almond Milk Review

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I’m not a huge fan of milk.  I have not been for as long as I can remember.  In kindergarten I would get in trouble during snack time because I refused to drink the whole carton of milk that they would give us.  It’s not like I wanted to drink pop or some sugary juice,  I was a water lover.  I have been looking for milk alternatives for my cereal forever! I have tried rice milk, soy milk, everything. Those were all just average.  I finally found almond milk a few months ago and absolutely love it!  I prefer the unsweetened vanilla type. I have only ever tried the Almond Breeze brand but I think I might venture out and try new types.
This almond milk is creamy and delicious!  I love putting it in coffee, smoothies, cereal, an alternative to anything you might put milk in!  They also have a plain version which is also good.  If you’re lactose intolerant or just looking for an alternative to milk this is a great option!