Ahoy Halloween

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I am not a super Halloween fan. I love it, but I don’t get super crazy with my costumes or anything. But I found the cutest costume for my dog 🙂 and I had to match at least a little bit!
halloween pumpkin
I started off my Halloween festivities by carving a pumpkin and watching all my favorite halloween movies! No worries, didn’t loose any of my fingers carving this!
pirate costume halloween
Jack in his pirate costume with my hat on. He’s just TOO adorable I can’t handle his cuteness. We had a nice little photo shoot. He doesn’t seem to mind where the costume since he naturally wears sweaters during the winter because he gets pretty cold. The hat on the other hand, he kept shaking it off. Next year we will have to go for just a body costume!
halloween pirate costume
Matching costumes 🙂
Then I snuck a piece or two of candy while we were handing out candy to the trick or treaters. I don’t know if it was the rain or what but there were barely any trick or treaters this year. How sad!

Anyway, I had a great halloween. Next up Thanksgiving and then Christmas!

How was your Halloween?

Did you do anything exciting?