ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

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Just a quick update to share some really exciting news.  Tuesday I took the ACSM Certified Personal Trainer exam and PASSED! Wooh! So relieved. 
I decided I wanted to become a certified personal trainer so I could give people useful knowledgeable information about working out and designing legitimate workout plans.  I also want to get a part time job working in a gym sometime soon.  I decided on this in January. But how to chose which CPT exam to take? There are a ton of them out there! Literally so many, it was hard to narrow it down.  After tons of research I decided that ACSM was a great reputable company, and later that night I ordered the books to get started.  While looking to see what books I needed, I realized I had one of them already from a class I took in undergrad. All the CPT exams and books are relatively expensive, but buying all the books are well worth it. I received all the books in the mail at the beginning of February, and immediately started to read and take notes.  I was originally going to take the exam in early March, but then my grad class load got pretty heavy so I couldn’t study as much I liked, so I postponed it until I felt ready.  Since I studied exercise science in undergrad I for the most part had the exercise physiology and anatomy down.  The other sections were a little trickier with analyzing patients and the business/ethics side of things.  
Naturally I arrived to the test an hour early.  I am a normally early person, but this just was drastically early for me.  I was greatly afraid I would get lost and not be able to find the testing center.  Luckily everything turned out well.  I got registered and ready for the test and started it on my computer.  One thing I must say is that I absolutely can’t stand taking a test on computers.  I am just not a fan of staring at a computer screen for that long, and everyone else typing on the computers in the room drives me crazy.  Anyway, that a side, you get 2.5 hours for this test to answer 150 questions. 1 minute a question doesn’t sound like that much, but I had plenty of time to check and re check my answers and go through every question again.   
There were things I have never heard of before on the exam.  Which is weird considering my whole major was that and I couldn’t find this information in the book afterwords.  Luckily I had found a few people that had taken the ACSM CPT exam a few months ago and have done blog posts about the topics of the exam, which helped greatly to narrow down my studying.  What scared me the most was that the  pass rate on this exam according to ACSM is only 61%.   That’s a shockingly low number for any exam. 
I got to the end of the exam and was so nervous to press the submit button.  Luckily it all turned out well, and I passed with flying colors! Phew! It felt so good to pass and become an ACSM CPT.  I couldn’t stop smiling on the way home!
Anyway I couldn’t wait to tell you guys to share this great moment in my week!  

If you have any questions about the exam don’t be afraid to ask! I’m more than happy to help and answer!