8 Ways to stay healthy during the school year

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The school year is upon us!  It is sometime more difficult with the added stress of school to keep a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are in college or high school, here are some tips that can help you stay healthy during the year.

  1. Do a mini workout in the morning- whether that’s walking your dog,  or going for a mile run.  It will boost your energy .
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast- full of protein, whole grains and healthy fats. Even add some fruit in there!  This will keep you feeling full longer.
  3. Don’t wear pajamas to class- If you dress nice you will feel better, have more confidence and are more likely to stay focused.
  4. Pack your own lunch and snacks- This will help prevent splurging on unhealthy alternatives from the cafeteria and vending machines.
  5. Schedule your fitness routine- Set a specific time aside everyday where you will do your workout, and schedule at the beginning of the week what your workout will be. You’re less likely to stray from this.
  6. Bring a water bottle- bring a water bottle you can refill throughout the day.  You won’t be tempted to drink high sugar beverages, and staying hydrated will keep your energy up.
  7. Have a daily routine- There is enough stress involved with school, no need to add more stress to your day.
  8. Go to bed around the same time every night- It will make waking up in the morning that much easier! (6-8hours)



Hope these help you stay active and healthy during the school year!

What is your favorite way to stay healthy during the school year?


  1. brittney

    September 6, 2014 at 12:07 pm

    i just started doing #6! bought a cute planner and everything just so i could have it in writing when i’m supposed to work out. it makes it harder to just skip over it when it’s written down.

    • Amanda Lizz

      September 6, 2014 at 8:14 pm

      Completely agree! I write it in my planner as well 🙂