6 Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Routine

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  1. Do it with a friend- Let’s be real, anything done with a friend is more fun.  And if one of you might not be as motivated that day as the other you can hold each other accountable for getting your workouts in for the week.
  2. If you get bored change it up- Just because you said you would run everyday, doesn’t mean you have to.  And really, doing the same workout everyday isn’t always the most fun.  The more uninterested in the workout the less likely you are to do it. Change it up if you get bored. As far as cardio goes, you can run, bike elliptical and who knows what else they have at gyms these days.  What I like to do is join a class.  Whether that’s kickboxing, spinning, zumba, you name it, they have it.  Sometimes it’s just easier when you have someone there telling you what to do.
  3. Hang in there- Accept the fact now that not every workout will be great.  Some will be downright crappy.  Stick with it and trust me it will get better.
  4. Gradual Progression- Don’t just start with an hour run, gradually progress.  This way you won’t physically or mentally burn out.
  5. Track your progress-  Write down every workout you do.  Distance, time, weight, reps.  That way you can look back and see the progress you have made.
  6. Take a day off- It’s equally as important to rest and recover.  Both physically and mentally.  That way you are refreshed and ready to go for the next week.  One day of not working out won’t kill you either!


What do you do to stick with your workout plan?




  1. K. Elizabeth

    December 8, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    Going into the New Year, I definitely want to become more consistent with maintaining my fitness routine. My main goal is to get a workout partner who will hold me accountable because it’s so easy to slack off when it’s just you trying to hold yourself accountable. Happy Holidays!

    • Amanda Lizz

      December 8, 2016 at 1:34 pm

      Completely agree with you! It can be difficult at times even for myself. You got this! Happy Holidays 🙂