6 Tips for Winter Running

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It may not be super cold in LA but there’s plenty areas of the country where the temperature is dropping and the snowflakes are falling! Spending 25 years in the freezing cold of Buffalo, I have certainly learned a lot abotu working out outdoors even when the wind chill is -30 degrees (Yea, okay, maybe not the brightest idea.  But when you’re stranded in your house for a week because of a blizzard you’ll understand! ha) Anyway, here are some tips I have thought about over the years.

  1. Dress in Layers-  Remember you can always take layers off if you get to hot, but you can’t add layers if you’re 5 miles into an out and back run and you’re still shivering.
  2. Wear sweat wicking clothing- Do not wear cotton.  When you wear cotton, the sweat just clings to the material, stays there and gets really really cold, which then makes you colder.  Sweat wicking material is the way to go.
  3. Check the wind chill- It may be 30 degrees outside but if that wind chill is below zero you better add a few more layers.  The wind chill is crucial, because that’s the temperature it actually will feel like when you’re out there running.
  4. Long Warm up- If you’re doing a faster pace workout, make sure you warm up longer than you would if it was warm out.  The colder weather can keep your muscles tight longer and can potentially lead to an injury.
  5. Hydrate- Sweat evaporates quicker in colder temperatures as long as losing moisture through breathing.  You can still become dehydrated in the winter, so keep on drinking that water!
  6. Know the signs of frostbite & hypothermia- Know these signs, and go inside if this occurs. Do not stay outside and finish the workout no matter how close you are to being done!


Do you run outside in the winter?

What are some winter running tips you have?