5 Ways to Destress

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Between my move to Los Angeles, starting a new job, renting an apartment for the first time, and just trying to figure out adulthood, I have dealt with a lot of stress in the last few months.  No one likes stress and no one wants stress in their lives.  It’s not good for your health and for me, my skin and hair didn’t agree with it at all.  Not to mention the added stress of sprouting grey hairs at 25 because you’re too stressed out.  No thank you! So I have come figured out ways to destress and live a calmer life.


  1. Yoga– My go to, to relax.  For those of you who might be strapped for cash, Lululemon and athlete often offer yoga classes free throughout the week.
  2. Indulge in a small portion of comfort food–  There’s nothing wrong with indulging once and a while, just don’t make it a habit to consume high sugar, high fat foods on the regular. A bite size piece of dark chocolate does the trick for me.
  3. Hot Bath– Put some bubble bath in there, along with some calming music and just relax and enjoy the quiet time.
  4. Exercise- Any exercise will work. Including a short walk (maybe 10-15 minutes).  It helps so much!
  5. Turn off your phone-  If you do this even for a little bit, you’ll be less likely to check it every 5 seconds.



What are some ways you destress?