5 Small Changes To Live a Healthier Life

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Life can certainly be chaotic, going from one place to the next.  But a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be compromised by the chaos of life.  Living a healthier life can sometimes be difficult, especially when life gets busy.  These are my 5 small things that you can do daily to make living a healthier life just a little bit easier.

  1. Plan your workouts ahead of time– At the beginning of each week, plan exactly what you will do for every workout during the week.  Having a schedule will leave out the uncertainty and you can just go to the gym and get your workout in without thinking twice about what you will do.
  2. Carry around a bottle of water–  Sometimes your desire for food, especially sweets and saltier foods actually comes from being dehydrated  and craving water.  Not only can you avoid mis signals from your body about what you are craving, but you can also stay hydrated with a non caloric drink.
  3. Park at the back of the parking lot– Top secret information here: when you go out shopping, you can get more steps in if you park at the back of the parking lot.  Sneaking steps in where you can, can really add up over the week, and over the years.  Plus, you will never have to get frustrated about finding a close spot, lowering your stress levels while you’re at it.
  4. Limit Eating out– I really enjoy trying new restaurants, but besides the price, they can also add up calorically.  Most people tend to over eat when they go out to restaurants.  Limit the amount of times each week you eat out to 1 or 2.  Plus, that way you have better control over what is going in your body.
  5. Stock your refrigerator with fruits and vegetables- This way when you’re hungry, instead of grabbing chips and other unhealthy snacks, there are only healthy options available.



What are your favorite tips to living a healthier life?