4 Post Workout Mistakes

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A lot of people don’t realize they are making these mistakes when it comes to working out, as I didn’t know a lot of these until a few years ago. So I decided to share with you guys!

  1. Wearing your gym clothes long after your workout– Wearing your sweaty workout gear for a while after you are done with your workout can actually lead to many problems. Two of the major issues are acne and yeast infections.  Neither of those are worth it in my eyes.  To avoid this shower right after your workout or at least put on dry clothing if you’re going out somewhere post workout.
  2. Not eating after your workout- You just put your muscles through a lot, it’s their turn to recover.  Proper nutrition after a workout is important in order to get the full benefits of the workout.
  3. Wiping the sweat away with your hands– Imagine all the people that have touched that elliptical before you.  Now even if you have wiped the equipment down before that there is still plenty of bacteria left on that machine, and every other surface you have touched while there.  Simple fix: wipe face with towel and wash hands after your workout.
  4. Not wearing shower sandals– Just do it. Don’t go barefoot in the locker rooms.  There’s plenty of germs and potential to spread bacteria  in there.  Who wants that!



What are other mistakes people make post workout?