3 Days in Munich Germany

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I departed Florence early that morning on a bus on the way to the Florence airport.  I arrived too early, as usual. But eventually caught my flight from Florence to Munich.  Once I got to Munich I  hopped on the S-Bahn (train) from the airport to the city center.  From the train station, my hostel was maybe a 2 block walk away.  It was incredibly convenient to be so close to the train station.  I stayed at the Wombats Hostel while in Munich.  The hostel was nice, clean and in the perfect location. Wombats had a cool communal area as well as a bar you can go to, to meet other people.3 Days in Munich GermanyOnce I got settled in my hostel, I was on a mission to find some delicious food.  After a quick google search, I decided to go to Steinhell 16 to get Wiener schnitzel.  The portion was huge, and no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn’t finish it.  However, it was incredibly delicious and as I write this I’m craving this dish along with frites sauce so much!

3 Days in Munich GermanyAfter dinner, I headed back to my hostel and met some new friends from my hostel room. After that, I went with the one guy to the Augustines-Keller beer garden.  Going to the beer gardens while visiting Munich was one of my favorite things to do.  The atmosphere there is incredible, everyone’s signing, dancing, drinking and having a wonderful time. After that we headed back to the hostel and went to the hostel bar where we met a bunch of cool people.

3 days in Munich GermanyI realized while I was traveling I was so excited to go out and about exploring the new cities that I’d wake up incredibly early (like 6am), despite being exhausted from being out so late the night before.  Next trip I have to remember to relax and remember I don’t have to fit all the sights into the first hour of the trip. Anyway, I went out exploring and stumbled upon Marien Platz, along with a bunch of really beautiful places.

3 days in Munich GermanyHowever, one of my favorite things I saw in Munich was river surfing at the English garden.  People I met in both Italy & Germany both mentioned how cool this was to see and I would definitely recommend if you visit Munich.

3 days in Munich GermanyAfter sipping on some coffee and watching some river surfing,  I decided it was time for lunch! There was a beer garden within the English garden that sold tons of delicious food.  I settled for this pretzel (wow that thing was HUGE!) with this beer cheese spread.  Both very delicious, but I wish I got a beer to go with it, never a bad choice to get a stein of beer.  One major issue I came across while traveling throughout Germany, that I didn’t face in other cities,  was the fact that I had very little knowledge of the German language, which made it difficult when ordering food.  But I was never disappointed with anything I ate, so I can’t complain!

3 days in Munich GermanyBeautiful view overlooking the English Garden.

3 Days in Munich GermanyAs you can see in many of my photos, it was rather gloomy, cold and rainy while I was in Germany.  However, it was incredibly refreshing after spend a week and a half in the heat of Italy!

3 days in Munich GermanyAnother delicious dish I had while in Germany was the curry wurst from Augustines-Keller beer garden.  Curry wurst is a typically a German fast food dish of sausage covered in a curry ketchup type sauce served with fries. A delicious and comforting meal.

3 days in Munich GermanyNymphenburg.  Germany was one of my last stops and I got really forgetful to take pictures.  Other places I went that I would recommend checking out: Dachau Concentration Camp, Viktualiemarket, St. Peters Church, Residenz Royal Palace and Hofbrauhaus.

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3 days in Munich