3 Days Exploring Paris

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London was an absolute blast! I was able to explore so much and meet some really cool people! But all great things must come to an end.  And next up was Paris! I caught my Eurostar train from the station at around 5:30am.  I think it takes about 3 hours from Paris to London, hard to remember as I passed out nearly immediately. There’s just something about trains that makes it incredibly easy to fall asleep for me, and that’s coming from someone who can never take naps at home.  After a few delays on the tracks, we finally arrived in Paris! The rain and cold weather was a breathe of fresh air after the heat wave that was in London.  After a little panic about how I’d be getting to my hostel and a random guy offering to give me a ride on his motorcycle to get there, I decided on the underground.  Luckily there was a help desk there to assist and the super nice lady printed me out very clear direction on the trains I needed to take to get there.

3 Days in Paris- France TravelI arrived at my hostel no problem.  Dropped off my bag and I was headed to the Louvre Museum!   I stayed at the Young and Happy Hostel while I was in Paris, and in all honesty I didn’t like it at all and wouldn’t recommend it.  Anyway, before I headed to the Louvre,  I needed food!  As I was walking, I spotted a guy making crepes, so I stopped by.  I decided on the Nutella banana one.  Let me just say, this crepe was insanely large.  Even though I was incredibly hungry before this I wasn’t even able to finish it all (almost!) sadly.

3 Days in Paris- France Traveling

3 Days in Paris- France TravelingI arrived at the Louvre Museum a little earlier than my ticket time, so I tried taking some photos in front of it. I have to say one of the things that stinks about solo travel is having to ask strangers to take pictures of you all the time. Which can be difficult sometime when people speak so many different languages.

3 Days in Paris- France TravelingAnyway, the Louvre was awesome to go to , but was jam packed with people of course. After that I walked around Paris a bit until the rain picked up, so I ducked into a few stores to look around for a bit.  Once the rain stopped I ventured out for dinner and found this pizza spot that was recommended to me.  I decided on the truffle pizza, which was incredible! Truffles are on so many foods in Europe it made me and my stomach so happy!

3 Days in Paris- France TravelingAfter dinner I took a walk to  the Arc de Triomphe. I have to say this picture doesn’t do it just at all, it’s a lot more impressive in person!

3 Days in Paris- France TravelingHere’s the view outside my hostel.

3 Days in Paris- France TravelingThe next morning I grab an amazing chocolate croissant and took a walk around Luxembourg Gardens.

3 Days in Paris- France TravelingAnd then found the Eiffel Tower! Its truly gorgeous to see in person. And of course, I needed this shot of the track & Eiffel Tower combo I’ve seen a million times!

3 Days in Paris- France TravelingI then stopped at a grocery store and picked up some delicious snacks for a picnic under the Eiffel tower.

3 Days in Paris- France TravelingAnd a bottle of champagne! Needless to say I forgot a cup to drink out of so I was just drinking out of the bottle all alone in the park haha! Got some odd stares, but who cares what other people think anyway, I had fun!

3 Days in Paris- France TravelingMy favorite thing in Paris had to be sitting by the Eiffel tower having a little picnic! Kind of little pinch me moment, like “Wow I’m finally here!”

3 Days in Paris- France TravelingThe Eiffel Tower was just as stunning as during the day!

3 Days in Paris- France Traveling

Woke up the next day and greatly needed coffee.  The cafes in Paris are the cutest and the perfect area to people watch, so I order a cappuccino and did just that.  Perfect way to start out my morning adventuring around.

3 Days Exploring Beautiful Paris Even though the love lock bridge may no longer be there, people have found another area at Pont Neuf! It was really cool to see all the locks and what people wrote on them and their love for each other.

3 Days Exploring Beautiful Paris TravelI realized I hadn’t taken many photos of myself in Paris, so I set up my mini tripod and was able to put it onto the ledge there and take a few along the river.

3 Days in Paris- France TravelingBefore my flight I grabbed a sandwich, of goat cheese and prosciutto. It was so delicious and the bread was incredibly fresh!  After that it started pouring rain and I set off on my way to catch my flight to Rome!

Overall thoughts on Paris: I thought it was a beautiful city, but for me it was lacking something. I enjoyed my time there but probably my least favorite city I visited on my trip.

Have you been to Paris?

What’s your favorite thing to do in Paris?

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